The Art of Fine Furniture is an annual exhibit featuring the creations of professional and hobbyist studio furniture makers.  TAOFF also offers free educational and inspirational workshops and discussions to encourage professionals and aspiring amateurs alike to think deeper about the works they create and to push themselves to create new extraordinary works.  Furniture by definition is "the movable objects in a room that make it fit for living".  We believe furniture to more than that and that the aesthetics, quality, and feeling one receives from an exceptional piece of furniture are as important as its traditional functional use.  TAOFF is made up of pieces of studio furniture that invite, and excite ones curiosity to explore the inner mysteries and workings of the pieces in the exhibit.  We hope you are pleasantly inspired to build your own furniture or to own for yourself one of the pieces in the exhibit.  Most of the pieces are for sale and can be purchased from artists directly.  Artist contact information is available at the exhibit.